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Welcome to our new web page, now proudly hosted by Afrihost.

When Dumelang Media Services decided to transfer all services and products over to our new service provider, there were various reasons for the decision, but the three main reasons for this change were pricing, after sales support and ADSL connectivity and speed.

We signed up for a capped ADSL with Afrihost to take them up on their “Double Your Money Back Guarantee” and we were pleasantly surprised. We also had a few dealings with the support team and where on earth do people respond to support requests at 2:27am? Thank you Afrihost.

Well, we have revamped our web page to celebrate the BIG MOVE, so grab your mouse and click to flip through the digital pages. Enjoy.

:: Links Page has been updated on 19/01/2012 [ click here ]

:: 2012 Prices were update [ click here ]

* Click on the referal link above to get great hosting option from AfriHost 

Special Note               

Make use of the Dumelang Media Services Site Makeover special. Send us your web page url, we will have a look at it and contact you with suggestions and a FREE quote - no obligation to you.