WEB DESIGN Imagine having an office for your business in every capital city of the world and you have the man power to be open 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. Yah right, you say. Well, what are you waiting for; you can have it, at a fraction of the cost. Get a web page for your business. If you need more sales, you will need more clientele. If you need more clientele, well, then you have to claim your place in cyberspace. Get a Web Page now! Dumelang Media Services can help you with that; setting up a static web page to serve the purpose of having an office or showroom open all the time, where people from all over the globe can "come in" and view whatever service or product it is that you are offering. To support our new service provider, Afrihost, Dumelang Media Services offers a special discount to customers choosing to host their new web page with Afrihost. Please see the price list for more details. Click HERE to read more about AfriHost IMPORTANT NOTE: Dumelang Media Services currently focuses on smaller projects on a private basis, serving entrepreneurs and small business owners. We will no longer accept larger websites requiring database, more regular updates, admin functionality and/or e-commerce development. To get started Dumelang Media Services require ALL web content ( text in MS Word and logos and images in .jpg or .gif ) before we will prepare a quote. This is to ensure a more accurate quote and to be prepared to start with your web page immediately after we have received the required documentation and proof of payment of deposits. This arrangement will be applicable to all quotes. So why wait - Get your web page now! Click HERE for more info on our different packages. DUMELANG MEDIA SERVICES’ WEB PAGE MAKEOVER SPECIAL Did you know that Dumelang Media Services also offers a Web Page Makeover service? Often a web page just loses its magic or maybe you have added some services or products, but are not happy with the layout of your web page, well then a Web Page Makeover is for you. Click HERE for more info. WEB DESIGN PACKAGES   Prices applicable from 1 January 2017 Beginners Package R5500 Up to 3 page static web site & a Feedback Form This   option   is   specially   for   you   who   just   need   a   web   presence.   If   you   are   on   a   tight   budget   or   not   sure   yet,   then   this   is   the   option   for   you.   Other   companies   will   allow   you   one   or maybe two pages, we throw in 3 pages. Advanced Package R6100 Up to 8 page static web site & a Feedback Form This   one   is   for   those   of   you   who   want   a   little   more   than   just   a   limited   web   page.   We   get   rid   of   the   3   pages   and   throw   in   up   to   8   pages,   and   look   at   the   price   difference   between this   package   and   the   one   above   -   can   you   afford   NOT   to   opt   for   this   one?   Other   companies   will   stretch   your   wallet   until   they   can   squeeze   that   last   bit   from   you   and   that   will   be for between 5 and 6 pages. OTHER APPLICABLE TARIFFS After   your   web   page   has   been   completed   and   is   live   on   the   web,   certain   other   tariffs   will   become   applicable.   This   is   mainly   the   costs   involve   to   maintain   your   web   pages, including updates, mandatory changes and even changes you want to make at a later stage as the need arise. Page Update - R280.00 per page ( page upload, document updates and image work ) Extra Page - R280.00 per page ( adding a new page ) Hourly Fee - R310.00 (applicable to graphic & outlay work) Menu & Structure Changes - R240.00 Release Fees of Sponsored Web Pages - R2000.00 Monthly   maintenance   option   :   R650   per   month   for   up   to   8   updates   per   month,   but   unused   updates   expire   at   the   end   of   the   month.   This   option   is   for   those   clients   who will require more frequent updates. SPECIAL OFFERS WEBSITE MAKE-OVER SPECIAL Blow some life into your existing web page! Opt for a Website Make-over by Dumelang Media Services. There   are   some   great   looking   web   pages   out   there,   but   when   one   takes   a   closer   look,   often   web   pages   fail   to   deliver   the   right   results.   The   root   of   this   problem   usually   lies   with the initial planning of the web page. Our objective when carrying out web page makeovers is to make sure the end result looks different but also has better functionality. How to establish if your web page maybe needs a Makeover : It's slow to open and difficult to navigate. If it's just plain ugly. It's maybe boring and just need that something extra. Updates & requests for changes take forever. You can't work together with your current web developer. ...or even better, your webmaster just disappeared. If your answer to one or more of these questions is "YES", then your web page most probably needs a makeover! WHAT DO WE DO ? We   take   your   old   web   page   and   make   it   more   presentable.   Fast,   easy   and   affordable.   At   a   low   price   of   just   R1500.00*   you   can   have   your   new   look   web   page   on-line   sooner   than you think. When   Dumelang   Media   Services   tackles   your   web   page   to   carry   out   a   web   page   makeover,   we   focus   on   elements   like   layout,   menu   set-up   and   streamlining   (removing   clutter and   unneeded   links)   and   also   revisit   elements   to   make   sure   is   search   engine   friendly.   We   don’t   only   take   a   look   behind   the   scenes,   but   also   change   the   look;   usually   this   is   what draws   people   back   to   your   web   page.   Although   we   cannot   guarantee   a   high   search   engine   position,   we   can   help   you   to   increase   your   chances   of   a   better   search   engine   position by streamlining text and make it keyword rich. Because   a   “makeover”   and   “designing   a   new   site”   differs,   we   use   what   you   have   and   improve   on   that,   but   we   are   also   willing   to   add   extra   pages   and   headings   at   a   minimal   extra cost. We can make suggestion re this when we do the analysis of your web page looking at your target audience, usability, navigation and general design (layout). *  Terms & Conditions do apply and here they are: Pages   that   form   part   of   the   make   over   process   may   not   exceed   5   pages.   Additional   per   page   cost   will   a   applicable   to   all   extra   pages.   See   our   [   Price   List   ]   for   details about extra pages. Web content (text, images & logos) will stay the same, but layout will be changed. ANY   optional   additions   to   the   web   page   will   be   charged   at   normal   per   page   rates.   See   our   [   Price   List   ]   for   details.   Please   note,   the   changing   of   email   addresses   and contact details will not be subject to an extra charge when the makeover is done. Usually   it   is   possible   to   "extract"   text   from   your   current   web   page,   BUT   images   and   logos   have   to   be   submitted   to   Dumelang   Media   Services   on   CD   and   or   DVD   in either good .gif and or .jpg format. A   pre-makeover   quote   will   be   provided   BEFORE   any   work   will   commence   and   a   50%   non-refundable   deposit   will   be   required   before   work   will   commence.   The   50% will be calculated on the total quoted price. You   have   nothing   to   lose,   but   a   lot   to   gain   with   your   new   look   web   page.   Whatever   your   reason   or   goals,   we   aim   at   helping   you   to   transform   your   website   from   a   sitting   duck   to   a tool that works for you and your business or service. If you have a Bed & Breakfast, Guest House or Self Catering business, you can especially benefit by making use of this offer. Dumelang   Media   will   browse   the   net   and   identify   web   pages   that   we   think   might   need   a   little   makeover.   We   will   redo   the   first   page,   send   the   owner   the   comparison   and   the owner can decide. No obligation. NEW !! If we missed your web page, you can now also invite us to visit your web page, if you think it needs a makeover, and let's see what we can do for you. Just  CONTACT US  and submit your details and we will have a look and see what we can do for you. We will ONLY consider your request - if you have an existing web page if you provide us with your full contact details and if you are not just trying to advertise your web page and or services to us CONTACT US

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